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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

Fancy a flutter?
Those odds are a bit generous ,
I reckon the real power brokers will encourage him to
go sooner t ...
19-1-2017 at 15:14
by: sceptre
Is that the one that went to Yale
5-1-2017 at 13:59
by: sceptre
The first hour after your favourite fizzy drink
[quote][i]Originally posted by marymary100[/i]
As to "Because he could" the thread was year and a ...
11-12-2016 at 16:47
by: sceptre
Preparing for Winter.
[quote][i]Originally posted by Katzy[/i]

Work of warning: If you clear the snow from your path, ...
5-11-2016 at 15:21
by: sceptre
I can confirm that , it's marked as a private video .
25-10-2016 at 16:52
by: sceptre
China Opens World'S Highest And Longest Glass (Bottomed) Bridge
I was bad enough walking across the glass part on the CN tower so
I reckon this would be a bridg ...
22-8-2016 at 17:12
by: sceptre
Experts in Werd 2010???
Notepad can add BOMs , far better with a simple editor such as notepad++

Me ! Haven't used word ...
12-8-2016 at 19:31
by: sceptre
Message from Pol
Please pass on to Pol my sincere condolences Sue
4-4-2016 at 13:40
by: sceptre
What would you say to Donald Trump if he phoned you?
Pity you didn't have a miserable user "mod" to put Leigh on setteehidey ;)
31-3-2016 at 16:12
by: sceptre
PRETENDING (As An American) Driving In A UK Country For The First Time
Only time I've every driven on the right was on a bike which wasn't so bad as all the controls were ...
11-3-2016 at 22:03
by: sceptre
Odd tourist attractions
prefer the local power station lips_sealed
1-3-2016 at 20:02
by: sceptre
Odd tourist attractions
[quote][i]Originally posted by marymary100[/i]
A less well known tourist attraction is a nearby wi ...
29-2-2016 at 16:30
by: sceptre
Still no news?
She was friendly with" Morty" maybe she could contact Nim. staff should have access to her regist ...
24-2-2016 at 22:03
by: sceptre
Start Button Not "Starting"
I've come across it before . In my case it threw the hissy because
it hadn't completely booted up ...
9-2-2016 at 21:39
by: sceptre
Unkindness among relatives
[quote][i]Originally posted by John_Little[/i]
So, he's hopped it. [/quote] If he has then he hasn ...
29-1-2016 at 22:33
by: sceptre
Philosophy statement.
Eat all your pies ,
look up to the scales and see ..........................
26-12-2015 at 22:04
by: sceptre
I've upgraded to Windows 10
You might want to do some extra tweaking mind...
http://www.techrepublic.com/article/windows-10-vio ...
7-12-2015 at 16:29
by: sceptre
Happy Birthday
Many Happy Returns LJ [strike] Please inform the local fire brigade before lighting those candles th ...
30-11-2015 at 14:37
by: sceptre
Half million post challenge
[quote][i]Originally posted by John_Little[/i]
I am trying. [/quote]

I bet LP says that too ;)
17-11-2015 at 15:29
by: sceptre
Fake gun shop
Not me in my street for sure skidaddle
15-11-2015 at 15:02
by: sceptre
Hello, Operator, Id Like To Report A Bug (In Your Company's Software)
[quote][i]Originally posted by Katzy[/i]
Some companies seem to have the ethos where not acknowledg ...
10-11-2015 at 17:48
by: sceptre
[quote][i]Originally posted by marymary100[/i]
.Scotland Yard has called off its multimillion pou ...
13-10-2015 at 20:19
by: sceptre
What an American noticed about Britain
While we're on about sauce ,I tried out one of the ketchup varieties in Fort Lauderdale and quite l ...
9-10-2015 at 20:19
by: sceptre
Mistake with Avast
[quote][i]Originally posted by scholar[/i]

...a pop-up box warning some site had tried to place a ...
8-10-2015 at 20:33
by: sceptre
Mistake with Avast
This! and delete
5-10-2015 at 19:31
by: sceptre
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